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Beaver County is located in the Oklahoma panhandle and borders Seward County, Kansas to the north. Beaver county is home to some rich agriclutural farmland and also some great native grass pasture and hunting land.


Recent Sales in Beaver County, Oklahoma:

SOLD! 160 Acres of farmland in CRP just northeast of Bryan's Corner in Beaver County south of Turpin, Oklahoma and Liberal, Kansas. This farmground in CRP has a nice stand of grass and brings in just over $4,500/year in income until 2022. This farm is for sale by Private Auction- bid by phone- through Mark Faulkner of Faulkner Real Estate, Inc. Phone bidding will not end prior to August 9, 2016. Call today to learn the high bid or to place your bids by phone. Legal: NE/4 of 35-3-21, Beaver County, Oklahoma. View more details and brochure here.







SOLD- 400 acres of farmland just northwest of Turpin, Oklahoma in Beaver County, Oklahoma. This farm is selling in two dryland tracts. Tract #1 is 160 acres with a 65 acre playa lake in the center. Tract #2 is 240 acres of good farmland.

 Bidding will not end prior to January 6, 2014. Call today to learn the current bid or to place your bid by phone. 620-356-5808.

 View more details in the flyer: front page with map, back page with details
 View the soils for this farm: Tract #1 soils, Tract #2 soils

SOLD! 320 Acres of CRP & Grass with great deer hunting southeast of Turpin, Oklahoma and adjacent to the Beaver River Wildlife Management Area!Incredible images of deer in the area, two wind mills, pasture with 4-wire fence and income of almost $6,000 annually from the CRP contract. Call today to learn the current bid or place your bid by phone. Phone bidding will not end prior to Tuesday October 28, 2014. Call today.

 View more details in the flyer
 View the location map.
 View the CRP soils aerial.

SOLD! Available-Tri-State Feeders, Inc. - Beaver County, Oklahoma along HWY 83

880+/- Acres in 3 tracts. Feedyard is 560 Acres and 160 acres of Irrigated and 160 acres of grass are selling separately.
View the complete brochure here: Outside, Inside

: From the intersection of HWY 83 & HWY 3 at Bryan’s Corner; go 12.5 miles north to property. (Signs posted).

Tract #1 Feedyard  Legal Description: Surface and water rights only in and to the West-Half (W/2) and the West-Half of the Southeast Quarter (W/2 of SE/4)of Section 12-4N-20E and the Northwest Quarter (NW/4) of Section 13-4N-20E, Beaver County, Oklahoma. Acres: 560+/-
Taxes: $5,971
Manager: Walter Olson 580-539-1063.
Office: Approximately 3,535 square feet.
Grain Storage: 45,000 Bushel capacity. No feed or grain is included in the sale.
Mill: Three steam flakers w/ stainless tanks– mill in excellent condition.
Utilities: Pioneer electric & Atmos pipeline gas.
Capacity: 30,000 Head (9” of feed bunk & 200 sq.ft. per animal)   
Bunks: 30,000 feet of concrete bunkline.
Water: 4 electric submersible wells totally 1,000 GPM. 60,000 gallons of water storage.
Rolling stock: None included.
Minerals: None included.    
Possession: Upon closing.
Pens: steel pipe.     
Truck scale: 80’
Cattle Scales: 65’ at office & 50’ at north end of yard.
Buildings: Shops (3)49’ x 40’, 75’ x 40’ & 48’ x 40’. Hospitals (2) 60’ x 30’ w/ 100’ x 30’ cover & 40’ x 30’ w/ some cover. Horse barn w/ corrals and covered area. 48’ x 36’
receiving barn, 107’ x 40’ hay barn, 101’ x 35’ office building.
Residences: All homes on property are employee owned. Selling subject to existing leases with tenants.

Tract #2 Irrigated Land Legal Description: Surface and water rights only in and to the Northwest Quarter (NW/4) of Section 24-4N-20E, Beaver County, Oklahoma. Acres: 160+/-
Tenant: None.
Minerals: None included.      
2012 Taxes: $200.00
Possession: Upon closing.
Crops: None. Buyer to receive possession upon closing w/ no expense.
Irrigation Equipment: 1996 7-tower, towable Zimmatic center-pivot sprinkler, two 500 gallon diesel tanks, 1,200 gallon fertilizer tank, Randolf 4:3 200HP gearhead and  1996 Cummins 6 cylinder engine are included in the sale.
Well Info: Bowls pulled & replaced & gearhead overhauled  by Minter-Wilson of Garden City in 2011.
TD: 299’    2011 SWL: 155’     Pump: set at 199’
Pumping: 800 GPM per manager. Sprinkler is nozzled at 750 GPM.
Irrigation Fuel: Diesel– two 500 gal. tanks included.
Water Rights:
Permit# 1976-712 Filed:6/7/1976
Allocation: 320 AF    Dedicated: NW/4 of 24-4-20.   
Fence: Good 5-wire perimeter fence.
Soils: Approximately 91% Dalhart sandy loam 0-1% slope and 9% Dalhart sandy loam 1-3% slope.

Tract #3 Native Grass Legal Description: Surface and water rights only in and to the Northeast Quarter (NE/4) of Section 19-4N-21E, Beaver County, Oklahoma.   
Acres: 160+/-
Tenant: None.    
2012 Taxes: $40    
Minerals: None included.    
Crops: Native grass.
Water: Windmill and PVC casing left from mineral developer.
Like new 5-wire on north & east sides, good 5-wire on south and west sides.
Soils: Approximately 50% Mobeetie-Devo Complex 3-12% slope and Dalhart sandy loam 0-1% slope.
Possession: Upon closing.