An article in the Garden City Telegram caught our eye this past week. Whitey Whitehill writes about the importance of this time of year for land owners who have their land leased. According to Kansas law cancellation of land and pasture leases must be 1. In writing 2. at least 30 days prior to March 1st. must fix March 1st as the termination date. Remember February doesn't have 30 days in it, so your Kansas verbal land leases must be terminated by January 31st. Of course the best way to prevent a lapsed deadline is to more clearly spell out your lease in writing. There are many good attorneys in our area that are familiar with Kansas lease laws and that can help you ensure you have a sound and equitable agreement. Anyone interested in seeing a sample written lease agreement for Kansas land can visit the Cowley County Extension office website and download a sample lease. You can also visit a Kansas extension office and study the Kansas State University publication No. C-668, "Kansas Lease Law."

The article goes on to state that currently about 50% of the land  in Kansas is currently under a lease. That a big number, but not surprising considering the population of the state's rural areas and our large supply of land. We encounter a number of different verbal and written leases each year for Kansas land while selling land for different Sellers located all over the nation. Some of our leases are verbal leases that have been around for as long as 50 years. I sold a large tract of land last year under verbal lease that had indeed been in place for over 50 years. The tenant's family felt like they owned the land after watching over it closely for so many years. Often the hardest part of our job as Real Estate agents is explaining to a long-standing tenant the details of a sale of the land they've been farming for many years. We're never advocates of canceling someone's tenancy, but often time it's the easiest and most favorable situation for a Seller. If you are considering selling land in Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma or even Missouri, please give Faulkner Real Estate in Ulysses, Kansas a call. Last year we helped over 50 Land owners sell their property totaling 25,000 acres in nine counties in Kansas, Colorado and Oklahoma.


Chris Faulkner is a licensed Kansas realtor working for Faulkner Real Estate in Ulysses, Kansas. He specializes in the marketing of land and minerals in the High Plains region.

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