Gray County, Kansas is home to great farmland and farmers. This mostly rural county is in southwest Kansas and includes the county seat of Montezuma, Kansas. This part of Southwest Kansas recieves ample rainfall for continuous crop wheat and also offers good irrigation for corn and other more irrigation intensive crops.

Land currently for sale in Gray County, Kansas.



Recent sales:

SOLD-473 Acres of farmland with one irrigation well and an additional water right northwest of Montezuma, Kansas. This farm is selling in two tracts.

 Bidding will not end prior to January 6, 2014. Call today to learn the current bid or place your bid by phone.

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 SOLD! 467 Acres great farmland for sale in Gray County, Kansas by Private Auction- bid by phone- through Mark Faulkner of Faulkner Real Estate, Inc. This farm includes a half section just north of Ingalls, Kansas and another great looking dryland quarter of farmland in extreme northwest Gray County, Kansas on the Finney County, Kansas line. Both farms have highly productive farmland soils and are selling subject to, and including, a lease. Call Mark Faulkner for more details: 620-353-8656.

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SOLD! 480 Acres farmland for sale-GOOD farmland west of Dodge City, Kansas between Ensign and Montezuma, Kansas in southeastern Gray County, Kansas. This farm is selling in two tracts of 160 & 320 acres. The farmland is mostly level and good Harney and Richfield silt loam soils. This farm is curretly producing grain sorghum and wheat. Tract number tow of the farmland sale includes about 75 acres of native grass pasture.

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