Hamilton County, Kansas is located in the southwest corner of Kansas and neighbor the counties of Greeley to the north, Stanton to the south, Kearny to the east and Prowers County, Colorado to the west. Hamilton County, Kansas includes the county seat of Syracuse as well as the cities of Kendall and Coolidge. Hamilton county, Kansas features good ag land with large dry land farms as well as some irrigation and ranches of native grasslands. The Arkansas River flows through Hamilton County, Kansas and passes directly south of the city of Syracuse, Kansas. Hamilton County offers some of the best farmland soils in the state as well as a dry heat condusive to cattle production, as in most of southwest Kansas. Hamilton County, Kansas is in the extreme western edge of Kansas and shares a border with the state of Colorado. Dairy cattle are raised in much of Hamilton County with a great deal of milk produced. This milk production improves the market for grains, grazing and other feeds like silage and alfalfa hay.

Land for sale in Hamilton County, Kansas

JUST SOLD! 160 Acres of Farmland in CRP northwest of Syracuse! This property is for sale by Private Auction- bid by phone.
Call to bid by Tuesday October 4, 2016. Call 620-356-5808 or Mark Faulkner at 620-353-8656 today!
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Recent Sales:

SOLD- 220 Acres of Native Grass north of Kendall.

SOLD- 640 Acres good farmland and some native grass pasture near HWY 50 and the Kearny County, Line. Call today to learn the curren bid or place your bid by phone!

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SOLD! 305 Acres of CRP for sale north of Coolidge, Kansas in Hamilton County, Kansas. This property is selling through Faulkner Real Estate by Private Auction. Call today to learn the current bid or place your bid by phone. Bidding will not end prior to September 17, 2013. Call today!

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160 Acres +/- CRP with GREAT hunting! This property is located conveniently just northwest of Syracuse, Kansas and is for sale by Private Auction through Randy Morris of Faulkner Real Esate. Call today to learn the current bid or place your bid by phone. Bidding will not end prior to October 8, 2013. Call today!

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SOLD! 2,160 Acres in 10 tracts in
Northwest and Western Hamilton County near the Colorado state line and Greeley County, Kansas line. This sale offers some nice dryland farm ground as well as irrigated land along HWY 50 and the Arkansas River and CRP. Call today to learn the current bid or place your bid by phone. Bidding will not end prior to May 28, 2013.

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SOLD! 480 Acres good looking CRP. Take a look a this great opportunity to own some income producing CRP or request Seller to cancel the new contract and take ahold of some farmland! Bidding will not end prior to March 26, 2013.

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SOLD! 320 Acres farmland. Take this opportunity to own some nice farmland for sale in Hamilton County, Kansas near the Colorado border and the Stanton County, Kansas border. Call today to learn the current bid on this nice farmland between the cities of Syracuse and Johnson City, Kansas.

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